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In a world where animals and people coexist in everyday life, we approach some hippos who take the middle path. Are they people disguised and camouflaged in the animal they carry or hippos that who seek themselves within the individuals that put the body? Let us accompany these hippos on a physical journey that could be a fable, a metaphor, the preliminary reflection for a doctoral thesis on humanity and animality or, simply, a proposal for all audiences of which we can be part.

Creation team Quim Bigas i Ramon Molins
Direction & choreography: Quim Bigas
Albert Garcia, Jordi Gilabert, Maria Mora,
Miquel Rodríguez, Carla Tovias
Design & construction hippos:
Miguel Ángel Infante – Dulcie Best
Music: Clara Aguilar
Arranjaments vestuari: Olga Cuito
Artistic advice: Margarida Troguet
Executive production: Txell Burgués / Zum-Zum Teatre