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The Shirt of the Happy Man

THERE WAS ONCE a Tsar who fell seriously ill, the diagnosis: “This man is not happy,” the remedy: “You have to find a happy man and put on his shirt.” ZUM-ZUM THEATRE invites you to participate in one of the great adventures of humankind, the search for happiness! To accomplish this we want to associate new technologies to the purest theatricality to create a universe of moving images, objects, music and situations to answer a big question: Who is the happiest man or woman in the world?

Artistic sheet
Author: Leo Tolstoy
Playwright: Ramon Molins
Stage Area: Joan Pena and ZUM-ZUM TEATRE
Illustrations – animations – shorts: César Samaniego, I+ G Stop Motion, Ferran Blach, Begonya Ferrer, Evelina Kolovou and Mónica Benabarre
Video artistic development and production: I + G Stop Motion, Ferran Blanch and Begonya Ferrer
Technical production: Sergio Sisques and Stagelab
Musical Composition: Antoni Tolmos
Music Performance: FOLKINCATS
Costume: Fes-t’ho mirar, La Baldufa and Pepa Piquer
CAST: Begonya Ferrer and Ares Piqué
Production: ZUM-ZUM TEATRE
Directed by: Ramon Molins